Letter From The Principal


It is with great joy that I invite you to experience a Catholic School Education in St. Paul School.

Our mission is to guide our students on their journey to maturity, intellectual independence and spiritual fulfillment.

High expectations, service oriented activities, goal setting, a clearly defined code of discipline, an energetic posture toward parent and community involvement thrive in St. Paul School’s warm and friendly climate.

Students are encouraged through the acquisition of knowledge, active participation and skill development to engage in a serious search for a disciplined understanding and appreciation of their world. They receive a training that permits them to learn how to learn and contribute to the well-being of society.

In the spirit of St. Dominic, we emphasize not only the love of knowledge, but the knowledge of love.

For an education for a lifetime, come and join our community of faith where academic excellence is a tradition and spiritual formation integral to curriculum design.


God Bless You,

Sr. Stephen Gerard, O.P.                                                                                                           Principal