Dress Code

Your school uniform confirms your attendance at St. Paul School and is a symbol of unity within the school community. It minimizes distractions in the learning process.  It is important that you take pride in your appearance by wearing your complete uniform, always remembering that by wearing it inside and outside the classroom you are representing the school; and your behavior should be a credit to both yourself and the school community.

Girls K-6: School plaid jumper, white short-sleeved blouse and tie; green knee socks or green tights; black or brown shoes and dark green cardigan pullover.
Girls 7- 8: School plaid skirt, green vest, and yellow short-sleeved blouse; green knee socks or green tights; black or brown shoes.  If a sweater is to be worn, please purchase a dark green cardigan pullover sweater.
Boys K-8: School green trousers, white short-sleeved shirt, school tie, dark green or white socks, black or brown shoes (no sneaker-type shoes or boots are permitted); and dark green cardigan pullover.
The presence of anything that proclaims a current fad is not permitted.

The Co-Ed Uniform Company provides all uniforms for our school. They visit the school once in the Fall and once in the Spring, to take measurements and orders for school uniforms. They can also be contacted directly by the parents on an as needed basis.

Gym Uniform

Gym uniforms will consist of sweats (pants and shirt) and a “T” shirt with St. Paul’s name on them. Sneakers and sweats may be worn to school on gym days. Students are allowed to wear sneakers on gym day.

Optional Spring/Fall Uniform

Spring/Fall uniforms may be worn from May 15th through September 30th. The uniform consists of a white golf shirt with St. Paul’s name on it and khaki dockers pants or shorts for boys and khaki skorts for girls, white socks and plain white sneakers.

The following MAY NOT be worn to school:

*Boys may not wear an earring.

*Make-up, nail polish and dangling earrings.

*Ballerina shoes.

*Cargo pants.