Student Support Services

We have a registered nurseĀ on duty five days a week to assist children when they become ill, to administer first aid when appropriate, and to contact the parents if a child becomes ill or injured during the school day. In addition, a physician is retained to perform student physical examinations. The school nurse assists the doctor by doing hearing and vision tests, as well as height and weight, blood pressure and scoliosis tests for Grade 3 and above.Guidance
We have a certified guidance counselor at school on a part time basis. Students who are interested in meeting with him may leave him a letter of request for an appointment. Our teachers, principal, D.A.R.E. Officers, and parish priests are always available to meet with any student on request.


At Your Service School Lunch Program


Please remember:

The price of lunch is $3.50

All lunch ordering must be done online.

Menus are subject to change in the event of delivery delay

Anyone with food allergies must have a written doctor’s note on file with the nurse.


The majority of the students at St. Paul’s ride school buses to and from school. Bus transportation is district funded for all public and private school students in grade K-8 who live 1 or more miles from school. There is a 15 mile eligibility limit for transportation to a private school. Those students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for bus transportation either walk to school or are driven by parents. For those who walk, crossing guards are available at the main entrance to the school and at the railroad tracks near the side entrance to the school. Although no formal car pool arrangements are available through the school, many of our parents have arranged informal car pools on their own.

Special Services

Compensatory education encompasses supplementary educational services in Reading and Math. Pupils are identified as being in need of help through individual and/or standardized testing or through a teacher referral.