Parents’ Guild Purpose

The purposes of the Guild are:

  • To promote closer cooperation and communications¬†among all those who have a role in the education of the children of St. Paul’s School, viz., their parents, teachers, the administration of the school, the clergy and all the People of God of St. Paul’s Parish.
  • To offer its members opportunities for continuing education and encouragement in their role as parents;
  • To sponsor public relation programs designed to spread the good news of our school;
  • To work with other interested groups to provide a healthy moral environment for all the children of our neighborhood;
  • To seek public recognition of the inalienable right of parents to educate their children according to their moral and religious principles;
  • To assist the school by volunteer service and fund raising.

The Guild is not established to determine the curriculum or administrative policies but it is a forum through which parents may learn about the programs offered our students and participate in the development of the Christian community which is our school.